Much of Aguirre's work is based on his keen environmental awareness and his passion for conservation, which is reflected in his frequent use of recycled materials. In an especially memorable project - an installation that required 1000 bottles - he set out with a group of children to collect the bottles and, in doing so, cleaned several abandoned lots that had been scattered for years. This type of dynamic creative process governs their approach to art and the teaching of art.

Most arts education programs are limited to group instruction, but in the open study environment of ARTS, individual instruction and student tutoring, at all ages and skill levels, are provided in a multicultural environment , intergenerational and bilingual. And each member of the ARTES study is free to work at their own pace using a wide variety of materials and techniques. The lively cross-cultural exchanges, discoveries and nourishing interaction are part of the ARTES open study experience.

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The Director of ARTES, Oscar Aguirre has lived, worked and taught to students of all ages in San Miguel de Allende for almost 25 years. Classically trained with a degree in museology, he has exhibited extensively in museums in Mexico, the United States and Europe, and other prestigious places. He taught sculpture at the Ignacio Ramírez Center, Fine Arts, San Miguel for 10 years and was co-director of Kunst Haus, Santa Fe, SMA. In addition, it has carried out innumerable workshops and cultural events and artistic education throughout San Miguel and other cities.




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