ARTES was created by classically trained artist and master teacher, Oscar Aguirre and designed to foster an environment of creative discovery in traditional arts education through the open studio method.

Most arts education programs are limited to group instruction, but in the ARTES open studio environment, individual instruction and mentoring of students– at all ages and skill levels– is provided in a multicultural, intergenerational and bi-lingual environment. At the beginning of their course of study, each student is assessed to determine experience and skill level, then a particular medium is chosen– whether painting, drawing, modeling or interdisciplinary– and the design for a project and its completion is underway. The multi-cultural, bi-lingual and intergenerational environment at ARTES allows for lively, cross-cultural exchanges, discoveries and a nurturing interaction that we believe is unique to the ARTES open studio experience.





Empezarte -Art Start- is a non-profit NGO.

This project can only survive with your support, the children and adolescents participating in it will appreciate your help to become more tolerant and sensitive adults.

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